Build an experience that helps people be more conscious about their health and to promote healthy living.


I began brainstorming solutions for this challenge by talking to people around me. I realized that in some way, shape or form, almost everyone is trying to become more healthy.

A few themes I noted from these initial conversations were:

  1. People wanted to eat healthier as they realized how diet was affecting their body sensitivities

  2. People wanted to exercise more but needed accountability

  3. People needed an extra push of motivation

Use Case:

As I was brainstorming solutions around these themes and looking at the current landscape, I realized that I wanted to focus on a more specific problem and something that my friends and I related to. This would give me more intimate insight into where there was friction, as well, it could be a solution that I test with my friends to get feedback.

My friends and I had a #gymchallenge group in WhatsApp. The rules were that we commit to three exercising sessions of 30 minutes minimum a week. You have three free passes you can use to miss a session otherwise you need to pay $5 into a pot for every session missed. Every time you exercised, you had to take a selfie and post it in the group as proof. At the end of the challenge, the pot would be donated to a charity.

This would help with accountability and motivation.

However, the frustrating thing around this was the payment and record of missed sessions. We used an excel sheet to track and manually input missed sessions and how much money we owed. We would forget until the end of the challenge and we wouldn’t know who owed how much money. Sometimes we would forget to post an exercising session. Eventually, we lost motivation because it didn’t really matter if you missed a session or not.

The Solution:

My solution was to build #gains. This app would allow you to join a challenge together with your friends, set your rules and timeline and automate the process.

Some of the pain points were:

  1. Sometimes you would forget to record an exercise session

  2. Recording missed sessions was a hassle

  3. Paying into the pot was non-existent because of the manual tracking system 

To solve those pain points, I wanted to make it as simple as possible and automate as much as possible.


Instagram is one of the most popular apps used within my friend group. What if I could take the familiar Instagram behaviours and interactions, as a foundation for creating a private feed where exercise selfies are shared, and incorporate a seamless payment system?



Overall, #gains seemed to resonate well with friends. They all said that not having to worry about manually tracking a missed session or payment would add to their motivation in participating in the challenge. This would also keep them accountable since each missed session meant an automatic payment to their credit card.

This was submitted as part of a design challenge. It is a continuing work in progress. At the moment I am building out a prototype to conduct more user testing and receive further feedback for a next iteration.