SAGE Canada: Website Redesign


SAGE Canada is part of a larger global network that creates opportunities for youth to bring their ideas to life. Their program mentors young people, teaches them entrepreneurial skills and provides them with resources to turn their ideas into live business ventures.


Their main goals for this project were firstly, to have more student sign ups for their program and secondly, to have a platform for SAGE Canada alumni to connect.



1. SAGE Canada is made up of passionate individuals with a wealth of knowledge and a heart for youth

2. There are youth with big ideas looking for mentorship and resources to turn their dreams into reality

3. SAGE’s target audience is between the ages of 13–18

4. Prospective students had trouble finding key information when navigating SAGE’s website

5. Onboarding process was time-consuming and inefficient

6. Research shows you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention


1. How do we help bridge the understanding gap that prospective students seemed to have when experiencing SAGE’s website for the first time?

2. How do we capture someone’s attention is just a few seconds?

3. How can we clearly and appropriately represent SAGE’s passion and personality for youth?

4. How can we clearly show youth the benefits of joining SAGE’s program to increase program sign ups?


We knew the website had to first spark an interest, then help youth understand the opportunity, before they would engage and become involved with SAGE. We created a feature prioritization chart to figure out what things were the most important to include.

To spark an interest, we decided to use bright and bold colours. We chose red, blue and yellow specifically because research shows that red is a powerful colour. It gets people’s attention and retains it. Blue is viewed as trustworthy and yellow shows confidence — values we felt were the spirit of what SAGE offered students.

Secondly, we decided to have bold and simple messaging paired with captivating imagery at the top of every page so that as soon as someone landed on the site, we could catch their attention within seconds.

SAGE’s site before they came to us and our redesign of SAGE’s website.

SAGE’s site before they came to us and our redesign of SAGE’s website.

“This looks like a really impressive program, as a business student this is something I would want to do. I’m really sad that being 19 I am too old for this. This program looks like it’s offering really valuable things and I just wish that it would come to the States.”

-User Tester

Embedded Typeform application process for easy onboarding.

Embedded Typeform application process for easy onboarding.


The engagement process had to be as simple as possible — have key information clear and easy to understand and streamline the application process, eliminating back and forth email chains.

We decided to have the program application form embedded into the site using Typeform for easy access. We placed it immediately underneath important deadlines and program guidelines so that they could apply right away. The call to action for applying is also at the top and bottom of every page.

We hoped that by making the program information bold, clear and simple, it would engage the attention of prospective students — increasing the number of student sign ups and bridging the understanding gap of what SAGE had to offer prospective students.

Students with big ideas connected with passionate mentors.

Students with big ideas connected with passionate mentors.


Creating a strong first impression with SAGE’s redesigned website was a priority in increasing program sign ups. We felt that the new site had to portray SAGE’s personality — a fun, passionate mentorship program empowering the next generation to be confident and capable.


One of the biggest things I learned from this project was how important it is to represent who you are well. When we first met with SAGE, we could see and feel their passion but their website didn’t show that at all. It was confusing and chaotic and because of that, everything that SAGE was got lost. It was really exciting being a part of a project that helped them lay out and solve their pain points and redesign their brand. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the amazing business ideas that will come from SAGE Canada and their mentorship program with young students!